Structure of Constitution

The Seven Articles

Mnemonic device

Large eagles jump sometimes after soaring rain

Article I (Large)

The first article is all about the Legislative Branch and how there should be a bicameral legislature, each state gets equal representation in Senate, and the House of Representatives is based off of population. Another major job is to check and balance the legislative and Judaical branch.

Article II (Eagles)

The second article is all about the Executive branch and how it runs everyday operations through roles such as the president. The presidents job is to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution. Another important job is running the military branches.

Article III (Jump)

The third article is about the Judicial branch and rules for senate. Some rules are two senators for each state, they serve for six years, and how a senator must be thirty years old and a citizen for 9 years. The Judicial branch is the supreme court and how they interpret laws.
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Article IV (Sometimes)

The fourth article is about states rights and relationships. That means the way the federal government and the states interact. Article 4 also deals with how new states can join and how every state is equal to another.

Article V (After)

The fifth Article is all about how the constitution can be amended if it needs to be. The states and congress both have a big role in the whole process.
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Article VI (Soaring)

Article six talks about how all of the laws are the Supreme Law of the Land. Article six also states that legislatures, congress,executive, and the judiciary have to swear a oath to the Constitution.
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Article VII (Rain)

The seventh article is all about the people that help write and form the Constitution, and how it represented the United States.