Honduras What To Do

Background information

The capital of Honduras is Tegucigalpa, and four main city's are Tegucigalpa Francisceo Marazán, San Perdo Sula and Cholema cortés, La ceiba Atlántida.


Some history is it was controlled by Spain and gained it's independents on September 15,1821. The flag has to blue stripes with a white one in the middle with five blue stars on the white stripe

Geographical information

Honduras is above Nicaragua and below Guatemala. Honduras has montains and the tallest one is called Cerro Las Minos, they have a artificial desert when the river over Choluteac flooded it made this artifical desert.
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Political information And Economic system

Honduras has a presidential Republic and there president is Juan Orlando Hernández.

Honduras uses Honduran lamprey and they have a socialism economic system.

Tourist information

If you come to Honduras you should visit the parks and beautiful woods. People should see La Tigra National Park and copán.