Egypt, Africa

Miranda Gladish

Physical Geography

  • Egypt is none for its famous water way, the Nile River. According to World Book, the Nile is a vital source for the Egyptians. It deposits rich soil, which creates fertile land, and that leads to more food for the people.
  • The highest point of Egypt is Mount Catherine. It is 8,625 feet.
  • Egypt is a desert so it's always dry and hot.

Culture and Ethnicity

  • Egyptians believed in multiple gods. Like for example, the god Osiris, lord of the afterlife. They say he taught people what to eat, how to treat the gods, and gave the people laws to follow.
  • Egypt is made up of 99% of Egyptians, Bedouins, and berbers. The remaining 1% is made up of Armenians, French, Italian, and Greeks.
  • Half of the people in Egypt are rich, while the other half are called peasants, and farm for a living.
(According to USA Today)

Current Events

According to CNN, Egypt has had some recent brutality issues. People being arrested are being beaten and tortured by the police of Egypt. Which is making these people want to flee the country, and that leads to a smaller population in Egypt which could be good or bad. 15 people were killed on Sunday and two of those people were trying to put a bomb in the Behira Province during their protest. Multiple people are going to be questioned.

Future Problems



I recently read that a teenage boy, Andrej Cielski, had climbed The Great Pyramid of Giza and is now facing some of his life in prison. He said it had taken him 8 minutes to get all the way to the top after multiple people told him to stop. His claim was that he wanted to experience the culture.
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