Three stages of labor:

By, Rebecca Jones

The three stages:

First Stage:

1. Relaxation is important to prevent muscles from tightening.

2. Involved little or no discomfort.

3. Cervices dilates and becomes thinner.

4. Usually the longest and hardest part of labor.

5. By the end of this stage your cervices will be fully dilated.

Second Stage:

1. Episiotomy may be performed.

2. At the beginning of this stage, contractions are about 2-4 minutes apart.

3. Mother maybe asked to bear down to help baby along.

4. Baby moves down into the lower pelvis and into position for birth.

5. Baby is born.

Third Stage:

1. Uterus contracts to expel placenta.

2. Your contractions will be noticeable but weaker when they begin again, as your uterus (womb) contracts down.

3. You can choose to have a natural third stage.

4. The placenta gradually peels away from the wall of your uterus.

5. Many hospitals routinely offer an injection that makes the placenta come out.

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