Animal Abuse

By Marley Groat


At some shelters animals would be killed because the shelter did not have enough space, enough money or the animal was not getting adopted. In Lucas county, Ohio, a dog pound killed 43% of their animals. Pit bulls have a higher kill rate because they tend to spend longer periods of time at shelters and frequently end up being killed because the shelters can not find people to adopt them. Ms. Coleman said, "categorizing dogs as "pit bulls" has become an excuse to destroy them".


Certain organizations are saving animals by improving pet festivals, building up special adoption events, making websites more friendly and up to date, and having volunteers walk dogs with a sign saying "adopt me" and take them to popular places. Since 2001 Mr. Winograd has reduced kill rates in shelters to 7%. Mr. Winograd said, "is introducing a comprehensive set of programs and services, something he calls the "no kill equation." These include high volume, low cost spay and neuter services, transferring animals to different shelters to open up more space in the shelter, allow people to foster the animal, and offering medical and behavioral care. Non kill shelters euthanize animals but they don't do it to make room and if they don't have enough money, it's because they don't want to see the very hurt or sick dogs suffer.