SCHS Music Notes

August 24th, 2019

Welcome Back!

Greetings New and Returning Music Families!

I am so excited for what the 2019-2020 school year has in store for us! I know that many of you are still basking in the joy that is Summer Vacation, but August 28th is fast approaching and I wanted to take this opportunity to touch base with you all and to introduce you to our NEW newsletter platform (in which you will get the most up to date information on the goings on in our program).

There are truly some amazing things going on this year for all of our music students at Sage Creek. I am thrilled to announce changes to two of our music classes!

  • First, we've added split our previous orchestra into two classes. The newer and more advanced class is the audition-based Chamber Orchestra. The other Orchestra class (which I am calling "String Orchestra" to avoid confusing the two groups) will remain an open class which welcomes string students of all experience levels.

  • Second, our former Concert Choir class, remains a club and has joined forces with our Instrumental Music class. I am eager to see our vocal and instrumental students work together to learn the art of expression and collaboration through music. All students in this class will experiment with percussion, piano, guitar, ukulele, and voice, and will then move to their first choice among these instruments.

Also new this year, Mrs. Allen (CHMS & CHS) and I are collaborating to launch the first phase of our "Music Elevated" program. During this phase, we will be working with 6-8th graders and our String Orchestra class to develop and master the charistic tone of our string instruments. Although this is starting with our String Orchestra, it will soon spread to our other ensembles. With the launch of this program, all music students will have numerous opportunities to learn from professional musicians in workshop and concert settings.

Your Donations Are Important!

It may surprise you to know that as a music program, our funding from the district and school is very limited! In fact, we have already used up our site funds purchasing some much needed new instruments. That means that many of the opportunities we want for these fine young musicians, will need some help from you!

From your Donations, students will benefit from the following:

  • Coaching (more individualized instruction on their instrument)
  • Transportation and Fees for Music Festivals, Professional Performances, & Events
  • Master Classes
  • Instrument Purchases & Repairs
  • Sheet Music Purchases
  • Awards Banquets
  • Fun Music Excursions & Experiences

Here's how you can help!

I understand that these days, making ends meet is a challenge for many! But, there are many ways you can help to support our program and its students. Please, help in whichever ways you can!

  • Monetary Donation ($60 per trimester is recommended)
  • Instrument or Equipment Donation
  • Amazon Wishlist Item Donation
  • Volunteering for Music Events (ticket sales, student supervision, concessions, etc.)
  • Joining the Music Guild (survey linked below)
  • Attending Parent Meetings (see Google Calendars)
  • Creating a home environment that promotes practicing at home.


Please fill out the short survey below, so I can begin to get to know you better before the school year starts, and then also, click the SUBSCRIBE button at the bottom of the page.


Please complete the "SCHS Music Guild Survey" to indicate your interest and availability to help support our students throughout the year, and Click the Subscribe/Unsubscribe Button to receive future communications such as this. Thank You!

Also, please mark your calendars for the event below, our first Parent's Meeting on Tuesday, September 17th at 7:00 PM..

Parent Meeting

Tuesday, Sep. 17th, 7-8pm

3900 Cannon Road

Carlsbad, CA

Room 5003 (the music room).

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

View Course Syllabi

Get ahead of your other classes and view the course syllabus for your ensemble. I know that they are a bit lengthy, but it is imperative that you understand my policies and expectations to be successful. Please, if you have any questions about the syllabi, do not hesitate to contact me.

They are linked by ensemble below:

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Thank You in advance for your support and dedication. I am looking forward to a year full of learning, exploration, excitement, and creative expression through music! I hope to see you all at Back to School Night and our very first Parent's Meeting on Tuesday, September 17th.

Enjoy your last few days of vacation!