Happenings in the Art Room Fall 2015


Art students in grades 3-8 celebrated International Day of Peace by designing a heart with their own message of peace to adorn our bulletin board in the foyer of the school. Each heart was assembled to create the beautiful flowers you see below. What a colorful and powerful message we can create with the arts!
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Wildcats in the Artroom

Art students are familarizing themselves with new routines and procedures. I am so pleased with the efforts of our students these first weeks of school! We have demonstrated respect and responsibility in the art room along with a willingness to try new things! Students have been building art skills in their sketchbooks and then translate them into learning with our art projects. Please remember to ask your student how they create their art. The "how" is an important part of our learning as we build our art vocabulary.

Studio Habits

Art in the elementary school is essential to student development and provides an opportunity for student expression. I am so pleased to nuture your child's creative abilities with the variety of skills and media we will experiment with in the art room.

Over a decade ago, researchers with Harvard’s Project Zero identified The Studio Habits of Mind. Through research, Lois Hetland and her team classified and named eight Studio Habits which include: Develop Craft, Engage & Persist, Envision, Express, Observe, Reflect, Stretch & Explore and Understand Art Worlds.

By incorportaing these habits, students become more mindful of the practice of making their art. Click on the link below to see these habits written in the language students' can understand and put into practice.

Artfully yours....Mrs. Kuhrau