Raquel J. Palacio February press 14, 2012 315 pages

Character Description

August "Auggie" is the main character in the book wonder. He is 11 years old and normal like all 5th graders. But except one thing he was born with a Genetic disorder. That has been a mystery to doctors. Auggie has A sister named Olivia "Via" Via" used to be ashamed of how Auggie looked but during the End of the book she finally saw the good in Auggie.She also had a boyfriend named Justin. Auggie has a best friend named Jack, But he wanted to fit in with the popular but that didn't work out because he was also friends with Auggie. Another friend of Auggie was Summer she was a girl with pretty long blonde hair and on the first day of school she sat with Auggie, She saw the best in him and they became really close. Julian was a mean boy in the book and he always thought he was the bomb and so cool but every one hated him, he would take someones words and twisted them around so that they would look bad. lastly Isabel and Nate were Auggie and via's parents they always believed in Auggie and Via.

Plot Summary

In the begging of the book there is this boy named August "Auggie" and he has a Genetic Disorder know as Craniofacial Anomaly. ( This means his facial bones and features an abnormality in the way they developed.) His whole life he had a problem with people staring saying rude things and running away screaming. ut he learned to ignore it. Auggie Has never been to a public school because his parents thought that kids would have a hard time to get used to him and they didn't want him to get teased. But one day his parents told him he had to go to school and right away things started happening he can tell people were freaked out by him. People started staring and whispering to each other about him. But at lunch a girl named Summer came to sit by him. She saw passed Auggies face She saw Auggie Pullman. They became real good friends.Throughout the year he faced many challenges. He finds out that his so called friends were really asked by the principle to be his friends. Julian, he is one of Auggie classmates. He makes sure no one becomes Auggie's friend. Eventually everyone starts avoiding Auggie and everyone who talks to him. Kids starts leaving mean notes in his locker. And Auggie's starts feeling bad about himself. He wonders why he cant be like other kids. Toward the end of the year the kids go on a Beecher Prep camping trip. Auggie is really excited to go because he can hang out with his two best friends Jack and Summer. To top it off Julian isn;t coming. On the last day the kids would be going to a movie along, with a few other middle schools. On a quest to find the spot to the bathroom, Auggie and Jack ends up in the woods together. They come across a group of seventh graders who were up to know good. They start trash talking Auggie Thy called him names like Freak and asked him which alien planet did he come from. The teasing got worst. But to the rescue come Amos and Henry punching down the older kids and running off with Auggie and jack. After the big show down at the camping trip, everyone starts to realize that Auggie is just another person. He really wasn't different from everyone. They realize that Julian was a big jerk, he becomes the biggest unpopular kid in the grade. Kids start becoming friends with Auggie, and he pretty much becomes cool. At the end of the year, Auggie is basically on top of the world. He is so happy, and everyone has accepted him. Everything is finally going his way.At the 5th graders graduation Auggie gets the "Student of the year" award.He couldnt be any more excited and everyone loves him.


Throughout the year August constantly had to deal with Julian and his mean remarks and looks. This did not really effect August as much because he had been used to this his whole life. However this did effect Julian because of the way August responded. He didn't respond with meanness, but he just let it roll off his back. By the end of the year Julian changed some, in his attitude.

Title Explanation

The title Wonder goes with the book three ways. Because the book is a wonder we have to read in order to understand it. It also goes with the book because int he begging of the book August says he wasn't going to describe himself to us. So that means we would have to read the book to know how he look. And lastly , we get tipped off to the fact that we just might encounter an exceptional human being, since they are often called wonders.

Book Review

I really like this book. If i had to rate it 1-10 it would be 100. This book makes your emotion mix REALLY!! it would make you fell bad For Auggie, then get mad at Julian for treating Auggie that way, and it would make you sad because Auggie wonders to himself why am I not normal, why am i so ugly and it just makes you want to tell him don't think like that. If i had to talk to the author to tell her to change something it would be NOTHING I love every thing she put in the book.