Welcome to 3rd Grade Orientation

Blackwell, Brown, Dinardo, Jones, Pace, Rollins, & Wilson


Your child's attendance is vital to their success and our effectiveness. Every minute, everyday counts.

It is your expectation that we are prepared daily to teach your child. Equally, we excpect them to be prepared for class daily by reading nightly, practing math, and going to bed by 9:00 PM.

Our Daily Schedule

7:40-8:00 Breakfast

8:00-8:20 Wildcat Team Time

8:25-8:40 Math Talks

8:40-9:40 Non-Fiction Reading/ Science/ Social Studies

9:40- 9:50 Brain Break

9:50-10:50 Math Investigations

10:50-11:45 Lunch, Recess and Homeroom

11:50- 12:20 Phonics/Just Right Reading

12:20-1:10 Specials

1:15-2:00 IME

2:00-2:45 Jr. Great Books

2:45-3:00 Wildcat Team Time

Please feel free to enjoy lunch with your child! Lunchtimes are as follows:

10:55 Jones

10:58 Brown

11:00 Wilson

11:05 Pace

11:08 Blackwell

Specials Rotations:

Sharpen the Saw, PE, Media & Research, and Art & Music

7 Habits of Happy Kids

We are taking our 7 habits knowledge and goal setting to the next level.

Share: Individual Mission Statement & Personal Goal

Students have worked this week to develop a SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time Sensitive) Personal Goal. Please help keep them accountable for their goal.

Grades & Testing

How to access your child's progress in third grade. {Grading Structure}

Third grade is a EOG testing grade level. It is important you child arrives at school and stays at school for the duration of the school day. Additionally, they need to fufill their nightly expectations.

First Quarter Learning Targets

Apple Camp

Geography, Communities, Landforms- Local Heritage


Place Value & Number Sense

Writing Samples: Informational, Narrative, and Opinion

Cause & Effect

Classroom Economy

Plant Life Cycles

Inferring & Connections


Please take the time to complete all forms. We want to ensure the safety and well being of your child.

First Quarter Student-Lead Conferences

Please go ahead and sign up for a conference with me.

Parent Survey

Questions & Comments

Dana's Third Grade Team