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Wind Power

Renewable Resources

Renewable Resources are sources that will never run out.For example Wind Power and Solar Power we will never run out of it because the wind will always be there to run the wind turbines,and the sun will always be there for Solar Power to work.Renewable Resources are cleaner and Earth friendly.So that means its cleaner for the envoriment.Renewable Resources are important because without them nothing would not work in the furture.This is because we would be all out of the other energy sources.Renewable Resources are important,because they will never run out.For example oil,and coal are nonrenewable resources,thats we have Renewable Resources that won't run out.

Wind Power

Wind Power is a powerful source of natural force in the envoirment.It is not as harmful to the envoirment than other energy sources.Its not as harmful because the wind is a natural source of energy.The wind will always be there to generate energy and or electricity.People have used Wind Power for a long time just not the same way as we use it today.Back then they used "Wind Mills".Today we use Wind turbines.Wind turbines are more mordern and they generate at least 400 homes,and thats just one wind turbine!

Advantages of Wind Power

Wind Power is a cleaner energy soruce than most energy soruces,such as fossil fuels.Most wind turbines are placed in farmfeilds.This is because it is more windy in feilds.Wind Power involes having energy from the wind into differnt forms of energy.Wind power is one of the fastes ways to make electricity.This is because the wind can be very fast.Did you know that the generator is big enough to walk around inside of.Wind power is very much so a natural resoruce.It is also pollution-free!

Disadvantages of Wind Power

If you were to place a wind turbine in a place were it is not windy the wind turbine would not work,because it needs the wind to work its turbines and to produce electricity.Most people think there very ugly.Some people complian about how theres huming,and interference with the radio and or televison reception.The wind turbines are danger to brids.Also the wind turbines take up alot of land,and also cost alot of money to set them up.