At-Home Learning


Let's begin by saying how much we miss all of our students and families! When we left for Spring Break, we did not expect to be away from you all for this long. On very short notice, our administrators and teachers jumped into action to make a workable plan and a pathway for our students to continue learning. Parents & guardians, we look to you now to commit yourselves to help prepare your child for success.

Welcome Back to 3rd Grade!

Welcome back to school! We have missed you!

We hope you have enjoyed your Spring Break and are ready to get back to learning. Things may be a little different, but there are lots of new things we are going to learn. A few things to remember as we get started:

1. Your teacher's phone number is at the end of this page. Don't be afraid to reach out to her!

2. Your at-home learning activities will be posted here! Look for the calendar of assignments below. To use the links included in the schedule, click the "Download" button below the schedule.

3. Make sure to keep a copy of every paper assignment you do. When we return to school, your teacher will need to look at your work.

4. If you have access to a computer and internet you can access information/work from the Bonham ISD web site.

5. Work will be offered both online and in print form.

6. Sometimes, we may post some extra activity ideas. Watch for special content and ideas.

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You can text/call your teacher’s Google Voice phone numbers with any questions. You can also use these numbers to set up a video call meeting on Google Hangout if needed. The numbers can be used for tutoring or to answer any questions you may have regarding assignments.

Rachel Campbell: Google Voice #: (314) 635-0877

Lupe Gomez: Google Voice #: (903) 287-6929

Carrie Horton: Google Voice #: (314) 635-0908

Carrie Kincade: Google Voice #: (903) 664-4537

Lana Kirkpatrick: Google Voice #: (903) 217-3097

Jamie Lasater: Google Voice #: (314) 635-0986

Donna Miller: Google Voice #: (903) 814-9993

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