ECM Origami Owl Fundraiser

Fundraiser runs NOW through December 8th

There are 3 ways to order:

1. Shopper can go the designated ECM Origami Owl website . Make sure the cheerleader's name is entered in the "Company" slot at check out to ensure the correct cheerleader gets credit for the sale.

2. Shopper can pick one of the pre-designed cheerleader lockets on the flyer in this package. Order can be placed on an order form. Payment should be collected at time of order make sure to include $4.00 for shipping and 6% tax on sales. All money and forms will be turned in on December 8th for ordering and processing.

3. Shopper can browse the catalog and order can be placed on the order form. Collect money at the time of order and include $4.00 shipping and 6% sales tax.