The History of The Chicago Bulls

Basketball is a sport using a ball that you dribble down the court,and shoot hoops to score. There are all different types of shots like layups, free throws, dunks, three pointers and so on.The objective is to get the most points scored out of you and the team you are playing against. There are rules though, you are not aloud to hold the ball while running, thats called traveling.Chicago Illinois came into the NBAE in the 1830's.Basketball isn't just about winning either it is about having fun and completing you goals in life.In 1984 the Bulls were coming off a 27-55 season, they were one of the three overall picks in the NBA draft they needed help.Then a six foot, six guard came in from the university of North Carolina named Michael Jordan, Jordan was unstoppable with speed, unrivaled leaping ability he soar to dizzying heights. With 28 points 6 assists a game as a rookie.

Chicago Bulls

The Chicago Bulls is a professional basketball team that plays for Chicago Illinois, They were founded on January 16,1966. They played at the United center.The Bulls signed forward Joe Smith and guard.
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