Pioneers On The Prairie

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By: Maleigha Billings

Imagine you’re going back in time in a time machine, then you stop. Now you’re in the 1800’s, on the wide wonderful prairie. Can you imagine that can you imagine living there? Well this article will tell you all about those tough, hardworking, fun loving pioneers that lived on the prairie. If you want to go back in time read this article!

Were they Picture Perfect?

Pioneers were pretty much the opposite of picture perfect. The reason pioneers weren’t picture perfect was because they did not have lots of nice things because they could not afford them, but they had what they had and did not think it was bad. If they wanted fancy cloths well those were hard to make and very expensive. If pioneers wore fancy cloths people thought they were stuck up. “Boys wore shirts and pants made of cotton or buckskin, which is leather made from the skin of deer. It is soft, strong and yellow and grey in color. Girls wore skirts or dresses usally made of bright colored cotton. Called calico or gingham it had stripes or flowers in different colors” states Anne Kamma in her book If you were a Pioneer on the Prairie. Pioneers shoes were leather boots. Pioneers saved them for winter. So in the summer pioneers were barefoot. Even the adults!

In Town

Going to town was a big deal because pioneers did not go to town often, unless of course they lived in town. Sometimes the whole family would go to town. They would pack food and if they were staying the night or more nights they would pack bedding too. Sometimes pioneers would stop by neighbor’s houses to see if they needed anything in town. If pioneers were selling something in town they would finish selling that first then they would stock up on salt, beans, salt pork and other things they might need over the winter. Any extra money would go to new shoes or cloths and if they were lucky some delicious penny candy to snack on, on the long trip back.

Fun Times!

Even know there was lots of work, pioneers still had fun. On fourth of July towns had celebrations. If pioneers lived in town the celebrations were just out the door. If pioneers lived on the prairie you would drive to in a wagon and stay there the hole day! The circus was super exciting! Nobody wanted to miss it. The circus would put up signs to advertise. Some signs would say “elephants, giants, sea monsters and trick ponies!” Others would say “chariot races, acrobats, knights in armor, and wild tigers!” Back in those days admission was often fifty cents. Since nobody wanted to miss the circus, pioneers would sleep in town just to see it!

Now you have learned a lot about pioneers. You have learned what they were, what fun things they do, and about town. Next time you whine about not getting something, remember how hard it was for those tough pioneers and how they cherished little gifts.

Prairie Dogs

Prairie dogs live in the prairie. They are one of the many animals that live in the grasslands(prairie).


If you were a Pioneer on the Prairie By: Anne Kamma.