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Using USENET Safely: Avoiding Viruses

USENET, for example, offers access to discussion groups, access to binaries - which is a kind of file attached to an article-and other goodies. That makes it a terrific forum for exchanging information.

USENET TopOptions

What of the most challenging threats for security experts to handle is an attack executed via e-mail using an attachment. In certain USENET newsgroups, binaries will be attached by users to articles. These are files of any kind. They may be pictures, they may be video, they may be sound or they may be programs. There's actually no limit to what they might be. The same guidelines that apply to using email safely apply to using binaries on the system safely.

The best way to utilize binaries would be to confine it to when people post info which is applicable to a dialogue you are having on a newsgroup that you know well. Be wary of anything from groups which you never have heard of and certainly of something that appears like it may be junk.

Second, you are going to have to have antivirus installed on your pc and make certain that you always keep it updated. A good, trusted updated antivirus software is your best first-line of defense against viruses. Be sure that you execute a manual scan on it to ensure that it is clean according to your antivirus software, whenever you do download a binary.

Social Engineering

Quite a couple of virus attacks are accomplished via social engineering. Unfortunately, as a hacker expression holds, there is absolutely no patch which can provide safety against the silly things that individuals might be persuaded to do.

Beware of links that folks post in newsgroups that have nothing related to the dialogue. Make sure that you think about whether or not there is a chance that it may become a virus, if somebody is trying hard to get you to truly download something. There are all sorts of ways that individuals can talk you into doing something inadvisable. As you do everywhere else you will need to be as savvy about falling victim to these scams, when you are on the USENET setup.

The USENET system is such a system that it's inherently a bit more secure than a lot of the other types of discussion forums on the Web. There are not any hidden frames in which to force downloads and, as it is a textbased technology, you don't need to download anything on your personal computer to show content. Recall, however, that there are loads of people out there wanting to find vulnerabilities in your personal computer all of the time.