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How To Get Rid Of Herpes Virus

When you feel the slightest burning, do not wait, brush portion of the skin fir oil or propolis tincture. Procedure is carried out several times a day until complete elimination of unpleasant symptoms. Lubricate the affected skin with mint toothpaste, it will help reduce the amount of rash on the skin and contribute to the speedy passage of visible symptoms. Make a special herbal juniper, mint, wild cherry blossoms. Herbs buy at the drugstore. Brew tablespoon of raw glass of boiled water, a thermos or teapot about 30 minutes. For More Information
Eat more bitter than the infusion; add a little honey or lemon juice. Eat foods rich in amino acids - the herpes virus is killed by them. Eat more cheese, yogurt, milk, apricots, apples, ice cream and similar products. An integrated approach, you can win the herpes virus within a few days or even prevent its occurrence. During treatment, the use of individual dishes, towel and try to avoid close contact with people. How to get rid of herpes virus - Currently identified eight types of herpes that cause skin lesions or mucous membranes. Treatment is directed at the use of antiviral drugs and immunomodulators to restore immunity. The herpes virus can be in the blood for a long time and does not manifest itself, but it is worth hypothermia, flu or SARS, the virus is activated and instantly manifested rash on the skin and mucous membranes.

Objective Noise Phenomenon In The Ears

Objective noise phenomenon can be observed infrequently. He is due to muscle contractions of the pharynx or the eustachian tube, the pressure changes in the tympanic cavity, the pathology of the temporomandibular joint, changes in blood flow in the vessels (for example, when they are narrowing or abnormal enlargement). Subjective abnormal noise is audible only to the patient. In this case, the noise - it's a sign of pathology internal or middle ear, but it can occur in diseases and other organs and systems.tinnitus miracle review ​Official Website This may occur, for example, in osteochondrosis of the cervical spine, cerebral arteriosclerosis, reducing pressure, hypertension, tumors and inflammatory diseases of the brain, etc. In most cases tinnitus is in Meniere's disease, neuritis of the auditory nerve, otosclerosis, and some forms otitis media. On the mechanism of pathological tinnitus is associated with impaired sound conduction and stimulation of nerve cells in the auditory analyzer. Associated symptoms - Symptoms that accompany tinnitus, may be the following: • Headache • Pain inside the ear or a sensation of pressure • Dizziness • Nausea, vomiting • Redness and swelling of the ears or the skin around them • Allocation of one or both ears • Fever • Malaise or lethargy. Diagnostics - In order to ascertain the cause of the noise is diagnosed by audiometry. Such a study is performed using electronic equipment and the frequency spectrum of the noise intensity. Violation acoustically characterized by the appearance of low-pitched noise.