San Diego Zoo

Living Science At The Zoo!

This summer I saw living science. I was at the San Diego Zoo with tons of different animals. This is science because it is actual life, I was observing a living thing. Scientists believe in evolution, which is the changing of animals so they can adapt better.

Mandazzi The Gorilla!

When we went to the Gorilla habitat we found out that it was one of the Gorillas 13 birthdays. His name was Mandazzi. The Gorilla specialists told us they were going to have a party for him, a couple minutes later they set up presents, decorations, pinatas, and cups with peanut butter in it. Then they let the gorillas out, it was so funny to see Mandazzi open his presents like a human would do. All the Gorillas were so curious, I will never forget that moment.


My name is Ella Schaffnit. I am a visual learner especially in science, when I see diagrams it helps me understand it better. I love to play/watch volleyball. I have a brother named Carter and a sister named Macy, I also have two dogs. I love to go on family vacations and explore knew things. After seeing the Gorillas at the zoo, I realized they are my favorite animal. This year I want to get good grades and be a good student.