Over 223 methods to fix America! ( For the better)

Our Goal...

We are determined to fix Americas economy and have developed multiple ways to do so( 223 to be specific). If one method does not work we will move to the next one until we SUCCEED!


  • Border Control/ Immigration- Instead of trying to import every illegal immigrant in America, we plan to work with them to become legal. We expect this to in turn give other illegal immigrants the desire to do the same.
  • Death Penalty- We feel that the death penalty is far to cruel and should cease immediately. Life in prison with no contact to the outside world is how we plan on replacing it.
  • The Environment- We want to preserve our home, the earth, as long as we can. In order to do so we need to reduce green house emissions as much as possible. We plan to give miners the funding the require to invest in alternate fuel for their truck and machinery.
  • Gun Control- This is a very serious issue at the moment. We plan to immediately take action and make gun laws stricter. This is to make sure that people that should not have guns, wont get them.
  • Minimum Wage- In order to help the lower class we intend on noticeably raising minimum wage. This will hopefully help create a sustainable way of life for those that are struggling.
  • Prayer in Schools- We strongly respect the freedom of speech. Therefore, we feel that student should not be "forced" to do religious practices during school.
  • Taxes- To help the lower class we also plan on lowering taxes. This in addition to raising minimum wage will help create a sustainable lifestyle for those in need.