Welcome Back to In-Person Learning

Thursday, January 28, 2021

Dear Families,

I am so pleased to welcome all of our Bangor Central Junior Bobcats BACK TO SCHOOL for In-Person Learning as we open our doors to them for the second time this school-year. We have learned a great deal from doing this the first time around and we are prepared for all of them to return. As we return, we continue to follow all the same safety procedures and protocols that we had in place in October. Students and staff are still all required to wear a face mask that covers their nose and mouth, we will continue to practice social distancing, and promote good hand-washing and hand sanitizing practices. We will continue to adapt, assess, and tweak procedures as needed to keep all students safe. Returning at the beginning of February in Michigan poses a few challenges but nothing we can't tackle with your support. Please be sure your child is bringing all the necessary items to school for them to be successful during the day. Students will need to comes to school each day prepared for winter recess. They will also want to bring their own water bottle with a top that closes. We have two water bottle filling stations for them to fill them up as needed. As always, please do not hesitate to contact the office if you have any questions. Take care and be safe!


Mrs. Vrable, Principal


989.684.8891 ext. 4202

Important Information from the Office

Our School Day (Hours of Instruction) 8:15am - 3:10pm

Drop-off fence area will open to greet students 8:00am - 8:15am

Our School Office Hours 7:45am - 3:30pm

If you need to pick up your child early for an appointment, please call the office at 684-8891 from your vehicle and we will get your child ready and send him/her out the front door.


I am excited to announce that Mrs. Luck is back for In-Person Art for the next month. Please be sure your child has the following items to participate in Art since they are not permitted to share supplies.

Art Supplies for Kdg. through 5th Grades

Sketchbook (plan paper, not lined)


1 24ct. Crayola Crayons

1 12ct. Crayola Markers

1 Glue Stick

3rd through 5th Grade students will also need 2 black Sharpies or black markers!!

Morning Drop-off

From past experience we know that our morning drop-off was definitely busier than in years past!!! Thank you in advance for your continued patience as we navigate this new procedure. If you have visited or dropped off any children at CMMS or JGHS, you know long lines are an everyday reality. The line will improve each day with the continued help from parents dropping off. Just a few reminders to hopefully speed up the process. If cars pull up to where the fence and building meet, 3-4 vehicles should be able to let kids out at the same time. It is also important that your child is ready to exit the vehicle as you pull up, such as; having your child sitting on the passenger side, having the door unlocked, getting bookbag in hand, and ready to unbuckle once the car comes to a stop.

I encourage families to use the drop off lane ONLY instead of walking their child to the fence. By using the drop-off lane, we limit vehicles having to stop for pedestrians and improves safety for all.

Outdoor Recess

Students will be going outside for recess (once in the morning and once in the afternoon) and mask breaks as weather permits. Please be sure your child is coming to school with appropriate winter clothing such as, a winter coat, hat, gloves, boots, and snowpants.

Snacks and Water Bottles

Unless you receive a phone call from the teacher or office, we ask that if your child forgets his/her water bottle or snack to NOT bring those items into the building. They will be provided a snack and a cup to get a drink. We want to limit as much movement within the building and who is coming into the building. Thank you in advance for your understanding.


Please be sure that your child charges the chromebook each night at home. The chromebook will go back and forth from home to school each day.