Rum River Technology & Learning

May, 2015

Audio Enhancement Repair Information

Recently there has been an increase in the number of Audio Enhancement microphones sent in for repair to the District. The main reason they have found for needed repairs is because teachers are plugging in the recharging cable incorrectly. User error such as this is not covered under the warranty policy. This is resulting in schools having to pay for the repairs out of building funds. The district is asking everyone to correctly plug in the systems to avoid unnecessary costs.
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Testing Tips and Tidbits!

A HUGE thank you to fourth grade classes for the spectacular way they have left the testing labs! It is appreciated so much!!

Here are some tips for everyone:
  • Remain calm :)
  • If the students choose to use their own headphones, please have them re-plug in the ones that were there for the next student.
  • PLEASE have the students check their space for wrappers and clean them up! Those little pieces of candy and wrappers get into the mice. Plus it's just common courtesy to the next student.
  • The graph paper is there to help solve problems, please don't use it for drawing paper when they are done testing or write messages to the next student on it.

Thanks for your help with this!

Thank You Technology Members!

Thank you to all of our 2014-2015 Technology Committee Members who served so faithfully this year. As always…… you rock!!
Our last meeting of the year will be on May 21st in the Media Center at 8:35 am.

  • Alice Hanley Tech Para
  • Melyssa Carlson ITT
  • Jamie Grant Kindergarten
  • Julie Waldock 1st Grade
  • Josh Smith 2nd Grade
  • Nikki Weinert 3rd Grade
  • Cory Moore 4th Grade
  • Tom Powers 5th Grade
  • Jessica Sandburg SPED
  • Paul Dudley WebMaster
  • Deb Shepard Principal
  • Amy Reed Assistant Principal
  • Sandy Perkerwicz Tech Teacher

End of the School Year Is Approaching!

The end of the school year is fast approaching. Please be watching for emails concerning summer power downs, upcoming changes, summer check-outs and staff returns. If you have any technology equipment such as Audio Enhancement Systems, DVD SuperDrives, or other mobile devices that you are not going to be using between now and June 10th, please consider checking them in now before the rush. It would be highly appreciated. Thanks for your consideration and support of this massive job.
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