Black is Beautiful!

Encouraging Our Students

The Day is Fast Approaching!

This is an official invitation for the entire school and family to come and enjoy the show being put on by the 6th and 7th grade classes. It would mean a lot if you would put it in your schedules to attend. The students want to educate the rest of the school on the new ideas they've come to understand and spread the word that black is truly beautiful!

Black is Back and Bad as Ever

Friday, Feb. 27th 2015 at 1pm

1414 E 61st Pl

Chicago, IL

This event is open to family members of the performing students. If you'd like to attend please let me know so we can account for the extra seating. Thanks!
1-1:05 Welcome/Introduction

1:05-1:20 Poetry Reading

1:20-1:25 Introduction to play

1:25-2:00 The Play!