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Grades 1-4 Testing for GT LEAD & ASPIRE Academy

Referral Window--February 13-February 24

Testing Window- February 27- March 10--GT LEAD will not be meeting during this time.

5th to 6th Grade Course Selection


As you and your child make middle school course selections, I wanted to make you aware of the following. Since your child is identified GT, he/she qualifies to take the highest GT class, which is GT Discoveries. Any student can sigh up for Accelerated Math/Science as long as he/she is willing to put in the work and can handle the advanced pacing. To most of my GT 5th Graders, I recommend the following courses:

Accelerated 6th Grade Math (all of 6th Grade Math and 1/2 of 7th Grade math)

Accelerated 6th Grade Science (all of 6th Grade Science and 1/2 of 7th Grade science)

GT Discoveries (which covers Lang. Arts and Social Studies)

GT Elective

The purpose of taking both Accelerated Math and Accelerated Science in the 6th Grade is that by the 8th Grade, your child will take Algebra 1 PAP and Biology PAP and will receive high school credit after taking an End of Course Exam. The grade will not factor into the high school GPA, but the credit will go towards high school graduation credits and will allow for opportunities to take advanced math and science in Junior and Senior years of high school.

However, If you know that you're child struggles in a particular subject, then I would advise you to contact your 5th Grade teachers to get input, and you can contact me as well if you have some reservations about what to do. I am happy to answer your questions.

Good luck, and please contact me as other questions arise.

Mrs. Griffin