A rainbow for grandma

Nothing last forever

everyone has lost a loved one at some point in there life weather it was a animal or a best friend or in my case a very close family member. Loosing that one person that your very close to its hard but we all go through it at one point in our life.

The good times

I remember all the times I had with my grandma I could tell her anything she was my rock we would go fishing or just do anything until my grandma moved 4 hours away it was hard but I visited her almost every weekend and spent weeks at a time at her house in the summer.

Sorrow is not the answer to death

I remember the day I got the call from my dad letting me know that my grandma had passed away I got a very sick feeling in my stomach. After surviving in and out of the hospital the doctor told her there was nothing more they could do and they sent her home six months later at her house she passed away.

Sun shine on a cloudy day

The day of her funeral was a very rainy day but when we came out of the church with her coffin the sun came out from the clouds and a rainbow came down like she was smiling down at us because if there's a heaven she is definitely there. After that day every time I see a rainbow I think of her and know that she's smiling down at me which makes it a lot easier to deal with the pain