Hello 3rd Students! :D

Im Mrs. Smith! :)


Reading- 8:30-9:15

Language- 9:15-10:00

PE- 10:05-10:55





Social Studies- 2:05-2:55

Art- 2:55-3:05

Music- 3:05-3:24


Home Room-Math

About Me Quiz

Please take out a piece if paper and tali down how many questions you got right! :)

1. How old am I?

a. 32

b. 48

c. 36

2. How many dogs do I have?

a. 0

b. 1

c. 2

3. How many cats do I have?

a. 1

b. 3

c. 5

4. What is my favorite color?

a. Lime green

b. Pink

c. Blue

5. How many kids do I have?

a. 4

b. 3

c. 2

6. What is my favorite food?

a. Tacos

b. Pizza

c. Cupcakes

7. What is my favorite sport?

a. Baseball

b. Volleyball

c. Basketball

8. What month was i born in?

a. January

b. August

c. February

9. What is my first name? (only call me Mrs. Smith)

a. Brenda

b. Becky

c. Kristy

10. What is my favorite smiley face?

a. ^-^

b. :D

c. :^)

write your score out of 10 how many questions you got right, then hold it up so i can see!

Thank You!

I hope we have a fantastic, out of the park fun class!