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Welcome back! Monday, January 9th - First student day back - Please make sure your child comes to school with their Chromebook charged. So they are prepared for the start of school.
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Remember to check your email on Fridays for important information coming home from the office. The Cortland Eagle Express is how you will know what is going on at the school, upcoming events, forms to fill out for field trips, important information needed by the office, and extracurricular activities and sports information. They do not always send us forms but ask us to put this information in our announcements.

This year meal account reminders will be sent to parents via email on Fridays if your child's meal account goes below $10

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Cafeteria Payment and Menu links

These are the amounts your child will need in their meal account if they eat every day at school during January, if they eat school lunch or lunch & breakfast all month,

school lunch - $2.55 per day breakfast - $1.25 per day

Full Pay - breakfast only - $20.00 Lunch only $40.80 Lunch & Breakfast - $60.80

This does not include if your child gets extras or any current negative balance.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact the office.

You can check to see your child’s account balance. All you need is the student ID number.

Cortland menu -

If you haven’t, please download the Box Tops for Education app and scan your grocery receipts after shopping! The app identifies eligible products and automatically adds Box Tops to your school's earnings online. Even if you’re shopping online or doing grocery pickup, you can still submit your e-receipts and earn Box Tops. If you struggle to remember to scan your receipts, go to the communication settings under your account and set up scan reminders, you can customize them to match your shopping routine!

You can view a list of participating products here:

Your earnings may seem small, but together, they add up and help the PTO support our

Cortland Elementary teachers and students!

Cortland School doors will be locked at all times

Parents and guests are required to use the front access system at the front entry to the school. The intercom is located just to the left as you stand in front of the entry door. For safety and security reasons, the staff will not admit any unidentified persons. Parents or other caregivers dropping off/picking up children will be expected to enter and exit by the front entry doors only, and to state their full name clearly, as well as the name of any other person in their company, who you are here to see and the reason for your visit. Please do not admit anyone who has not identified themselves or who are not in your company.

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