President Jackson: Angel or Devil

Was he good or bad?

Nullification Crisis

Jackson proposed the tariff of abomination to force Americans to buy american products. This tariff was expensive and forced citizens to pay more money for lower quality products. The southerners were upset because they wanted to buy from European industries. South Carolina wanted to succeed because of this so Jackson lowered the tax.

National Bank

Jackson was HIGHLY against the national bank. He felt that it was unconstitutional and only favored the wealthy.When he was reelected he had the choice to approve or veto the banks renewal. He vetoed the request causing the national bank to close down.

Corrupt Bargain

Jackson lost the first election to John Quincy Adams after neither got 51% so it was up to the electoral vote. Henry Clay made a deal with Quincy win as long as he promised him a position in his cabinet. The suffrage expanded to ALL white men during that so during the second election he won.
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President or King?

Many felt that President Jackson was abusing his power. He did what ever he wanted. Many people begun calling him a king rather then a president. He didn't follow the Constitution or listen when Georgia was told not to move the natives, acting like a king.

Normal mid class farmer

Dear, Editor

I believe President Jackson is wonderful! He is a normal man who took on a great position and benefited normal people, like me. I was so happy when he finally took the national bank away, it only favored the rich! President Jackson is the best president america has seen and will ever see!

Sincerely, Farmer man


Dear editor,

This new "president" is outrageous! He barges in and feels he can move me and my people. Hes stealing my home! I believe he should let us be, after all we were here first. He claims to be settling us in a better place but we all know that is not true. I wish he would keep the peace.

Sincerely, Cherokee