Audrey and sofia

The history of Arnott biscuits began in April 2008 Campbell Arnotts sold Arnott snack foods to the real McCoy snack foods co. Caramel crowns a plain toppled with caramel and covered with chocolate.more than 50'500 Australians have worked with Arnotts during the past century's.The biscuits are the shape the goliwogg toy witch was first sold in 1960s.Arnotts product chocolate ripple.Arnotts is one of the largest compies in the Ausi pacific region with a very bright futere.bake for 6-8 minutes or till over basses and sides.there are lots of different tiles of Arnotts.Tim tams are a sort of Arnotts.Arnotts are very sweet biscuits.there was once a man and he made lots of Arnotts he sold them to diffrenet countirys one coutriy he sold them there.Every one thinks its from that coutriy but its not its from Australia.
Arnotts employ around 2c500. mint slicers are another sort of Arnotts.the chill time of choc ripples is six hours.