Ludwig Van Beethoven (1779-1827)

David Gross

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Beethoven's Early Life

Beethoven had a horrible miserable childhood. He had six siblings and only two survived to adulthood(not including him). He may of had a sweet mother but had a hard drinking father. His father recognized his musical talent and nurtured it only for a source of income.

When he was seventeen he went to Vienna and played the piano for Mozart and Mozart had a prediction. "You will make a big noise in the world.

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Beethoven's Home

Beethoven lived in that house for a period of timeinHetzendorf. It was a summer house that he stayed in, in 1801.
Beethoven & Mozart: Vienna during the Classical Age

Beethoven music

Beethoven made a lot of music as said in the video. Ordinary people could understand his music since it was so emotional. It even brought some viewers to tears. But Beethoven always said"Composers do not cry, composers are made of fire."

List of Beethoven'other known music

Symphony No.3

Symphony No.5

Symphony No.6

Symphony No.7

Symphony No.9

Beethoven's Legacy

Beethoven was born in Bonn,Germany 1770 December 17. He might of had a miserable childhood but that didn't stop him from becoming a great composer. Even Mozart believed he would do something big in the world. Then he started to lose his hearing but that still didn't stop him from becoming a great composer. But those did contribute to his lose of hearing. He died either from a heart attack or pneumonia on March 26,1827. His last words I shall hear in heaven.


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