My Personality

Olivia Wolfe

Personality is...

Each person's thoughts, feelings and past experiences that help to form who they are.

The Tests:

Have I achieved fully functioning status?

I do not believe I have achieved fully functioning because I still need my parent’s help with things, I still can’t do things like go into the doctor alone or claim myself as an independent so no, I am not a fully functioning adult quite yet but I have faith. My parents used a strict unconditional positive style of parenting, my mom always emphasized that she still loved me even if I did something wrong.

Horney's Coping Strategies

I think that when I am stressed I most often use the moving towards people coping technique. I use submission when for instance, when someone asks me where I want to go to eat, if I give an option and they say no, I just go with whatever they say next.

Jung's Archetypes


My uncle never got a degree in college and barely finished high school, he compensates for that by trying to gather all the random knowledge he possibly can and spouting off facts at family parties just to make himself seem smarter or more well adjusted in his older age.


I would describe my level of self-efficacy to be pretty high, I am always polite to strangers and people that I know need respect. Although, I do have a streak in me that demands attention sometimes. When I do not get the attention then I get mean and start making super sassy comments that tend to get me in trouble.

Locus of Control:

My locus of control is highly internal because I truly believe that my success is and will only ever be able to be obtained by myself. I internalize most issues to try and work on them by myself before seeking help from others, this gives me a chance to try and fix it on my own before having to give others credit for assistance.
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What do you see?

I easily see what looks like 2 deer heads tilted in towards each other. under those it looks as though there are 2 hippos turned away from each other and under those it looks as though a row of tulips have been planted. One could infer that if someone saw these things they are happy and see only happy or things that do not look harmful.
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TAT visuals

In this picture it looks as thought the man laying on the bed may have died and the woman in crying about it outside of the room. A psychologist may say that you are afraid of death or you are highly aware of death.

When I look in the mirror...

I see someone who is capable of anything. Someone who is not afraid to speak the truth and someone who is willing to go get what she wants. I think a psychologist would think that I am an empowered and confident individual. I think they would think I was normal if not above normal.
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My mom compared to me:

My mom is an ESFJ personality. We both are judging, but that is the only similarity. My mom is very outgoing and she is very people oriented and good and handling social situations without awkwardness. I think she needs to look at the facts more often rather than just believing everything she hears and sees because it causes us to sometimes argue.
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Social Introversion

Being uncomfortable and shy in social situations; reserved. Eric from That 70s Show is very awkward and does not handle social situations with great ease.

Penis envy vs. womb envy

I do not think either is entirely true. Some women may want to know what its like to have or want to have a penis but I do not think that is common. Likewise, some men may be jealous of the ability for women to carry children but I think that because they still have a part in that process that it is not common at all