Windsor Castle, Alden's Dream

By: Nate Cote


Windsor Castle is the worlds most famous castle from medieval times, which beautifies medieval architecture and construction.

So Where Is It?

The castle is located at 51.4839° N, 0.6044° W.

What Is Its Region?

The castle is home to the town of Windsor, in Berkshire, England.

Who Goes There?

In the summer of 2011, Windsor Castle attracted over 680,000 tourists who travelled across the country, continent, and even the world. These visitors have taken planes, cars, buses, taxis, bikes, walks, boats, and even helicopters. Yes, there have been royal visitors who have taken helicopters.

What Is It Like?

It is an ancient, Royal, and mysterious castle which held previous kings and queens. Some parts reach over 50ft in height.

How Was It Made?

13 acres of forest were cleared for the construction of this castle. Following this, resources around the location were stashed, and used to build. Also, animals and plants were affected by the change in landscape.