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The History of Soccer

Soccer has a history that go's back 3,000 years. When soccer was first created the aim was for someone to try to carry a leather ball to a target spot with people trying to stop you. In China soccer started to become popular during the Han dynasty. Soccer became the most popular sport in Europe and the Americas. There was a doun side to this popular sport and that was the violence. It became so violent that European solders had to skip archery practice so things didn't get too out of hand, witch it did. Things got so out of hand that in 1365 King EdwordIII had to band soccer.
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FIFA is the world championship for soccer, or football. A long time ago soccer use to be very violent, but however in 1815 the Europeans came up with a rule change. The rule change made it more fun, less violent, and more popular than ever. About 90 years after that FIFA was invented. FIFA is a connotative championship with one team from each country. One of the most popular is soccer, or football for a reason you should try playing.

Little League

Soccer isn't only for adults to enjoy kids can play too! Little league is when kids play soccer its not like FIFA, but it is. Its not like FIFA because there are many teams in just one state if you tried to count all of them in the world you would have counted millions. One way that it is like FIFA is the way that they play each other, they play a bunch of teams near them. The kids sometimes get competitive with each other, but it doesn't get too bad. The kids have away games but there not very far. Home games aren't far at all. if you ever have children the they might like being in little league.
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