Abraham Lincoln

‘The 16th president'


Class: 6D

Teacher: Mrs Dunstan

Due Date: Week 7, 14/03/2014

Husband, Father and President

Abraham Lincoln was a very famous US President. He was born on the 14th of February, 1809 in a small log house near Hodgenville, Kentucky. It is interesting to realise that February is a cold month in America. Imagine living in a log cabin in those times in the cold. The snowfall totals about 46 cm a year.


Abraham Lincoln’s parent’s names were Thomas and Nancy (Hanks) Lincoln.

Abraham had a stepmother (Sarah Bush Johnston) shortly after his birth mother’s death; they were pretty close because she taught him how to read better.


Lincoln had one girlfriend before he got married. Her name was Ann Rutledge whom he was dating for a couple of months. Then he met Mary Todd, they were dating for three years before Lincoln proposed and after two more months they were on there honeymoon.

Over the next eleven years they had four children and their names were Robert Todd Lincoln, Edward Baker Lincoln, William Wallace Lincoln, and Thomas "Tad" Lincoln. Only one, Robert, lived to adulthood and was successful in life.

Abraham’s sister died at child birth in 1826 and his father died on January 17, 1851 in Coles County, Illinois of natural causes. His Mother died from milk sickness at the age of 34 when Abe was 9 which is a decease cause by drinking the milk of a cow that has grazed on white snakeroot, (a poisonous herb).

Abraham signed up for the military on April 21st, 1832. Abraham was in for one to two years and served in the BLACK HAWK WAR. This war was between the Native American Indians and the white settlers. Black Hawk was an Indian Chief.

Lincoln was elected President of the United States in 1860. He started the end of slavery in the U.S. At the second election Abraham was elected President for another four years but was assassinated while attending a play at Ford’s Theatre Washington DC by one of the actors named John Wilkes Booth who shot him in the back of the head then run across the stage and out the back door in which he escaped to Maryland, Lincoln died that next day. Booth was found in an old burnt down barn and was shot on sight. At the time of his death, Lincoln was 56 years old.


Abraham was buried in the Lincoln Tomb in Springfield on May 4th 1865. Many scholars and people of the United States of America consider him to be one of the best President’s too ever live.


Back in the 1800’s it wasn’t seen as masculine to play with your children, it was the women’s job in the family, but Abraham was always seen pushing his children in cart’s and playing with them so that tells historians that he loved his children very much.


Lincoln and his family lived in a two story house in Springfield Illinois, but it used to be a little cottage with only two bedrooms in it until they needed more rooms for their children so the Lincolns put another story of rooms on it (this was before Abraham was President).


Abraham Lincoln is important because of his history with being "PRESIDENT." He was a wonderful family member in his family and very important to his people.

What Have I Learnt About Abraham

I have learnt a lot about Abraham Lincoln such as these things: How he plays with his children a lot, how he was assassinated in a theatre room and lots more.



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