All Inclusive Rental Plans

Back down systems, Stand by systems and Marker buoys

No more Installation or Recovery Charges!

By inclusively wrapping up the installation and recovery charges into your rental contract, you can rest assured that when you need a mooring system or buoy,  it only includes the charges for the fuel it takes to install/recover along with a flat daily charge. With the only company in the Gulf region with our own vessel, we can make this service more cost effective and economical for the stricter budgetary restrictions of today. Save your field boat's fuel charges by having them tie up to the systems and only pay ours and a rental fee. No more Installation or recovery invoices for your back down and stand by systems!

Mooring Systems and Buoys

With over 15 years experience in the Gulf of Mexico and one of the top safety records, call Family Owned and Operated Wet Tech Energy

Navigational buoys, Navigational aid services, Mooring Services, Spooling Services, Dock/Crane Service, Equipment Rental, Marine Equipment sales and service, Fabrication Services, Blasting/Painting services and Safety and Training services

We are Wet Tech Energy

Headquartered in Beautiful and Centrally located Vermillion Parish with facilities also in Berwick, LA and Houston, TX and our own operated anchor handling vessel, we have access to all locations in the Gulf of Mexico