State of Liberty

By: Amanda Rickard

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Where and Why

Just to get us started lets get some simple information out there. The Statue of Liberty is in the New York Harbor on Liberty Island. The reason the island is named Liberty Island is because the statue that stands on it represents Liberta, Roman Goddess of freedom. The Statue of Liberty was given to the U.S. for the success in building a viable democracy. French Alamo gave it to the U.S. to show their liberty, freedom and willingness to take in others. That is some quick simple information to get your mind on the topic.
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Looks and Thoughts

When the strcture was done it looked like a woman. She was green, (due to the oxygenation prosses of copper) wearing a green dress, with a crown on her head (also green), holding a tourch above her head, in the other arm she holds a tablet at the hip that has to day the decluration of independance was adopted and broken chains at the feet representing to breaking free from Great Britians strict laws. When it was finished and in the United States the colored residents thought it was an ironic image because racism and discrimination still continued. We now think of it as just another momument for the U.S.A. This is all beutiful but sad at the same time.