What's Happening in Math Class ?!

Addition and Subtraction of Fractions Unit

Fractions Vocabulary...

prime number-a whole number with only one factor pair; 1 and itself

composite number-a whole number with more than one factor pair

numerator-the number above the fraction bar

denominator-the number below the fraction bar

equivalent fractions-fractions of equal value

simplest form-fraction reduced to simplest possible terms

improper fraction-fraction with the characteristic of the numerator being larger than the denominator

mixed number-a value with a whole number and proper fraction written together

greatest common factor-the greatest valued common factor between two numbers

least common multiple-the least valued common multiple between two numbers

convert-to change from one form to another form

common denominator-two or more fractions having the same valued denominator

Vocabulary Resources:

Pearson EnVision Math Volume 1

Picture Resources:

Google Images

Learning Expectations

1.) Convert an improper fraction into a mixed number and convert a mixed number into an improper fraction.

2.) Convert a fraction into a decimal and convert a decimal into a fraction.

3.) Add and subtract fractions with like/common and unlike/uncommon denominators.

4.) Estimate to determine solutions to real-world problems.

5.) Reduce fractions to simplest terms.

6.) Solve numerical expressions using the order of operations.

Sample Practice Problems...

1.) A meteorologist recorded the rainfall in Temple, TX for two consecutive months. In the first month, there was 1/2 of an inch of rain. In the second month, there was 3/10 of an inch of rain. What was the total amount of rainfall during the two months?

2.) The Dallas zoo has two elephants. The male elephant weighs 7/8 of a ton and the female elephant weighs 1/4 of a ton. How much more does the male weigh than the female?

3.) Reduce the following fraction to simplest terms:


—— =


4.) Convert this mixed number to an improper fraction:

4 2/3 =

5.) Convert this improper fraction to a mixed number:


---- =


6.) Jade is on a diet and wants to get healthy. She weighed in at 178 1/5 pounds in January. After immense exercise and healthy eating, she weighed in at 153 6/7 pounds in June. About how many pounds did Jade lose from January to June ?

7.) Evaluate/Solve:

10.5 + 3 5/6 =