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February 21-23: GASC Convention 2020


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The annual GASC convention will take place from February 21-23, 2020 at Rock Eagle 4-H Camp in Eatonton, GA.

”It is always our own self that we find at the end of the journey. The sooner we face that self, the better.” – Ella Maillart

While attending convention this year students and advisers will learn the importance of "Exploring Your Inner Leader!" Together, as Swiss adventurer Ella Maillart tells us, we will find out more about our inner quirks and talents by embarking on the adventure that will be GASC State Convention 2020. To truly become a productive leader in the community, one must know how they operate like inner strengths and weaknesses, leadership styles, how they react to conflict, and so much more. Throughout convention we will provide workshops, keynotes, reflection time, networking opportunities, and more to ensure that delegates have the opportunities to not only learn about themselves, but to also find out how knowing about themselves will unlock their potential for growth to become stronger leaders.
On day one we will 'Board the Ship' and ensure all delegates come with passion and motivation to complete any task that comes their way.
Day two we will 'Learn the Ropes,' and gain lots of valuable leadership training, strategies, and other information that will help us navigate our way through the vast sea that is leadership. At the end of this day we will party with the stars that helped us map our way across the ocean in the Galaxy Gala.
Then finally on Day Three, as we say our goodbyes, we will continue to Embark on our Leadership Adventures! So join us on our journey at GASC State Convention 2020 as we "Explore Your Inner Leader!"

INTRODUCING VIP REGISTRATION: Starting this year, GASC is introducing an opportunity at Convention to be VIP delegates! The first eight schools to COMPLETE registration will be considered a VIP school. Check out the perks!


  • A different lanyard color to show VIP status
  • Priority seating for general sessions
  • A keynote meet and greet

Contact President school at if you have any questions.
GASC Convention 2020



In honor of the holiday season, here are some service project ideas for fundraising and giving back to the community!
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A good fundraiser would be a holiday bake sale! Decorate and sell Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanzaa shaped cookies before, during or after school. If possible, allow kids to decorate cookies themselves for an enjoyable time!


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The goal for every GASC member school is to raise at least $500 for Bert's! It's not too late to start fundraising! GASC'S goal is $20,000!


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Each school is allowed to register up to 24 delegates which includes all students, advisors, and bus drivers/chaperones. For more information on increasing the amount of delegates allotted, please contact the GASC President School for more information at

As a member, you benefit from discounted rates for Convention!

$210 for Student/Advisor Delegate + $15 for Pre-Conference

When you attend Convention, you will:

  • Build your personal leadership skills
  • Grow your school council
  • Network with leaders from different schools around the state
  • Exchange unique ideas that you can bring back to your school
  • Attend enriching workshops
  • View a student speaker showcase
  • Eat tasty Rock Eagle food!
  • Get inspired by Ella Mailart's adventurous ideology
  • Reflect on your inner leader at the Candlelight Ceremony
  • Showcase what your council has done

Remember, the registration deadline is January 24th, 2020!



This month we are highlighting our Parliamentarians! They are working hard to recruit for elections. If you have any questions about running for office, email


Position: Parliamentarian

School: Meadowcreek High School

Grade: 12th

Favorite Quote: "Get out there, travel the world, see new things, experience new people, experience new food, experience new culture. What happens is that it helps you to grow and be your best self." - Karama Brown

"This might sound cheesy or I may blame it on my indecisiveness but since this was my first year being on Student Council at my school, all the memories I have made this year have been my favorite. Being behind the scenes experiencing creating the magical, beautiful, and kind moments for our community made it all worthwhile. Going to Convention, meeting people, and learning about leadership helped build the person I am today. I cannot wait to make new memories with my new StuCo board and GASC." Tene is in marching band and concert band. During concert band she plays clarinet at UGA's JanFest. She also has a black belt in karate. "Someone I look up to currently is Jameela Jamil. You may know of her if you watch “The Good Place;" one of my favorite characters she plays is Tahani. I never knew much of the Actor until I stumbled upon a video that explained her values and ever since I watch that video it made me view her in a different way. She is a phenomenal person in the way she tries to help the community with body positivity. She tries to better society even though society, like social media platforms such as Instagram and ect , try to show how women are supposed to look."


Position: Parliamentarian

School: Meadowcreek High School

Grade: 12th

Favorite Quote: "You can't build yourself up until you break yourself down."- Nicole Nocua

"My favorite StuCo memory has to be attending Nationals as a rising Junior last year. It was amazing to see different forms of leadership from different states around the country" says Jovani. His mentor is his general manager at Chipotle. "She has encouraged me to pursue serving others in the food industry and it works well with leadership. She has been such an inspiration since my orientation day and I am really proud of her accomplishments." Jovani is a certified Chipotle trainer and has a nameless cat. Do not hesitate to ask him about either!


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Want to run for GASC office? All you need to do is submit a Letter of Intent to run to and by January 24! Contact with any questions.


Advisor of the Month Nomination Form

Have an advisor that deserves to be recognized? Click the link above to nominate them for the next month!

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