gold! gold! gold!


when was gold really discoverd in Australia?

Gold was discoverd in 1823 by James Mcbrian in fish river near Bathurst NSW. Although it was never recorded as a part of Australian history and James was never credited for finding it he will in my eyes always be the one who found gold.


Edward Hargraves never actually became sucsessful in finding gold in Austrailia or California and he never continued his carrer in finding gold but he had to teach other men how to find ,pan and regonise gold. Edward Hargraves found only microscopic peices of gold

That were tinier than someones fingernail. Jhon Lester and the Tom brothers were also with him when he found gold. Jhon lester sued Hargraves because he found gold and Hargraves got the award

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How was life like on the gold feilds?

life on the gold feild was pretty rough. you had to have a miners licence that costs thirty six pounds and you had to buy a claim. A claim is a peice of land that is about 2m times 2m and if ypu didnt dig in it mon-sat some one can come and take it from you. The miners licence had to be carried with you at all time and if it wasnt with you , you could get arrested.