Charles Ellis Montessori Academy, September 7, 2020

“…to bring the whole by means of the presentation of detail. … Would that the teacher allowed herself to be imbued by the grandeur of this whole to be able to transmit it to the child” Maria Montessori

Physician Heal Thyself!

I cannot help but notice that I and the world are in need of healing. A healing of body, mind and soul. As educators, which we all are in this Montessori community, we strive to present a holistic and wonder-filled view of our universe. Sometimes, however, given the events of the day or the ongoing dilemmas of our situation, we get lost in a cloud of, “what is happening to us; the world is falling apart”, and we lose focus of the details of what we can “make happen”.

If we are to “follow the child” then we must attend to the minute details of their world. We must listen to the messages contained in their conversations, their joys and their sorrows. We must see through their eyes the magnificence of the velvet ant, cloaked in its regal attire and, defying potential scrapes and tumbles, we must reach and grasp that high branch that pulls us up into the arms of the live oak. We must look to the maneuvers of our teenagers as they form strong social bonds or negotiate the tribulations of friendships. Can we taste with the child the sweetness of a ripe pineapple or add pepper to a watermelon and feel the flavor burst forth? Perhaps, in taking time to explore with our senses the details of the child’s world our healing will come from within.

Be Well,

Ms. Tanya

Important Dates

September 7- Labor Day- Holiday for all!

September 8-October 16- SCCPSS MAP Assessment Window

October 9- Fall Break for Staff/Students

October 12- Staff Planning Day- No School for students!

October 27- PTA Role Model Reader Day

School-Wide Grace & Courtesy Emphasis


  • When I care about how other people feel as much as I care about my own feelings, I am being kind.
  • When I am a good friend to others-- to people, to animals, and plants-- and help them be the best they can be, I am being kind.
  • When I treat myself, other people, animals, and plants gently and with love, I am being kind.

SCCPSS MAP Assessments

The SCCPSS-mandated MAP assessment window is open September 8th-October 16th. In an effort to mitigate the loss of instructional time and normalization in the virtual learning environment at Ellis, we will begin the assessments with our Erdkinder and Upper Elementary students the week of September 8th. You will receive information from your teachers with the exact days/times. All families should review the following information in preparation for their child's assessment, as appropriate:

MAP Grades K-2 Remote Testing Guidance for Parents

MAP Grades K-2 (iPad) Remote Testing Guidance for Parent

MAP Grades 3-8 Remote Testing Guidance for Parents

MAP Grades 3-8 Guia para evaluacion remota para familias

NWEA Disable Pop-Up Blocking

NWEA MAP Quick Videos

Device Distribution

*Phase Two Update*

We have now received enough Chromebooks from the District to fulfill the remaining technology requests that have already been submitted to us by our families. We are currently cataloging and preparing these devices for distribution.

If you have a student currently on the waitlist for a device (PreK, Kindergarten, or those who filled out the "Phase 2" Student Technology Survey, you will be contacted via email when a device is available. In the email, you will receive a link to schedule an appointment to pick up the device from school. You will also receive information on how to purchase the Technology Protection Plan (TPP) offered by SCCPSS. This information is also available on the Ellis website.

The Phase 2 Student Technology Survey has been closed from accepting responses while we process the requests that we have already received.

Student Schedules Update - School-wide Asynchronous Wednesdays

Now that the school year has begun, we are continuing to review our instructional schedules and the impact of the virtual environment. Developmental Teams are tweaking Wednesday schedules to;

  • mitigate excessive screentime for students,
  • comply with district directives
  • allow staff to participate in required district trainings and curriculum planning.

Consequently, Wednesdays will become a day for Asynchronous Learning so that students can complete assignments, reach out to their teachers for additional support if needed, and engage in classroom projects. Teachers will not be leading live instructional lessons on Wednesdays but will continue to post the expectations for the instructional day. As schedules are adjusted your teacher will reach out to you with the date of implementation and the instructional components of Asynchronous Wednesday.

Virtual Meeting Procedures

New Ellis Safety Procedure Effective Immediately:

For your student's safety, in order to be admitted into a virtual meeting/lesson, your student's first name and last initial/last name must be displayed. If the teacher does not recognize the username of the participant, the teacher reserves the right to refuse admittance to that participant into the meeting/lesson. If your student is not able to attend the live meeting/lesson, they will have an opportunity to watch the recorded session at a later date. Thank you for helping us with this safety measure.

Technology Assistance

Click here for troubleshooting tips from SCCPSS.

Click here for more information on low-cost internet access for qualifying families.

SCCPSS Smart Buses equipped with internet access will begin to run on September 1st. More information including a schedule can be found on the SCCPSS Website.

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Counselors' Corner

Welcome to your Charles Ellis School Counseling Corner! Our Mission is to provide support and resources for our families during this unprecedented time in our lives. In doing so, we hope to strengthen and enrich our children, families, and school community. Click Here to visit our Charles Ellis School Counseling, social/emotional, and college/career ready resources!

As a reminder, please complete the Online Student Verification process on Power School Parent Access to update your contact information so we may ensure you are receiving the most up to date information regarding district and school initiatives and support.



Charles Ellis Montessori Academy parents! Want to help improve our school? Please consider serving on the School Council. Nominations are open for the 2020-2021 academic year. Self-nominations are welcome. Interested nominees should complete this very brief questionnaire by Friday, September 11. 2020. All submitted nominations will be posted online September 14 and online voting will take place September 25-28, 2020. Thank you!


School Council Nomination Form

The establishment of a school council is intended to bring parents and the community together with teachers and school administrators to create better understanding of and mutual respect for each other's concerns and to share ideas for school improvement.

Ellis PTA

Join the PTA or donate at this link.

Visit the PTA Website.

From the Clinic

Please make sure that all immunizations are up to date and that you have processed documentation with Nurse Chris. Please contact her via email Christine O'Boyle <Christine.O'Boyle@sccpss.com> if you have any questions.

Nutrition Services

Applications for free/reduced lunch must be submitted every year. The deadline to submit an application is September 30, 2020. Click this link to submit an application.

The cost for school meals are as follows:

Breakfast- Free

Lunch- $3.00

Reduced Lunch- $.40

You can add money on your student's meal account here.

For more information on meal delivery dates/times during virtual learning, visit the SCCPSS website.

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