The Colt Courier

February 14, 2020

Principal's Message

I hope all of you enjoyed the luncheon today. It was well deserved. I am visiting with family this weekend, so I will keep this very short. Please keep Mrs. Baird in your thoughts as she deals with the loss of her grandmother. We appreciate all you do and have a great weekend!



The Week Ahead

Week of February 17th


Tuesday- PLC Meetings, Leadership Team 3:00

Wednesday- Vertical Team Meetings, Teacher Preview Book Fair

Thursday- PLC Meetings,

Friday- School Level Chili Cookoff, Daddy Daughter Dance

School News

  • The Chili Cookoff is March 7th. We need volunteers for our school level cookoff which will be February 21st. You will sample and vote for your favorite chili during lunch. This is only a sample.
  • The Book Fair Preview will take place before Vertical Teams on Wednesday.
  • The STEAM/OSOB night is February 25.
  • The Daddy Daughter dance is rescheduled for February 21.
  • If you want to join Biggest Loser, be sure to email me as soon as possible.

Quote of the Week

“at 211 degrees, water is hot. at 212 degrees, it boils. and with boiling water, comes steam… and with steam, you can power a train. one degree. Applying one extra degree of temperature to water means the difference between something that is simply very hot and something that generates enough force to power a machine”

Sam Parker, 212 the extra degree

Think about what your extra effort does for your students. You all go that extra degree.

Happy February Birthdays to the Following Colts!

We hope the following staff members have a wonderful birthday!

February 1-Sara Carico

February 5- Ashley Beaumont

February 8- Sheila Connell

February 9-Jennifer Brailsford

February 10-Tracey Hazelwood

February 12- Baili Byrd and Dede Keckeis

February 25-Katie Pattinson

February 28-Heather Rhyne

Colt Shout Outs

  • Shout out to our PTA for buying lunch on Valentine's Day. Be sure to thank them if you see them. Thanks to Ana for ordering and coordinating it all.
  • “Shout Out” to four fabulous ladies. I had to park in the grassy area. When it was time to leave, my car was STUCK! Penny Chapman, Dana Schuster, Robyn DeTraglia, and Jeannine Bruce all helped to get my car out. -Heather Rhyne
  • Shout out to all of the teams who worked so hard during their inquiry planning day. -Jessica and Marion
  • Shout out to 2nd grade for their poetry slam and market day events. -Jessica Williams

SES Teacher Website

Our Google Site will provide access to a variety of resources including: Master Schedules, Handbooks, Calendars, Faculty Rosters, etc...