Luling ISD ENews - March 2021

Go Eagles!

Hello LISD Families!

It is hard to believe that exactly one year ago I sat down to write the letter for the March 2020 District ENews. I mentioned all of the exciting things that were going on in the district and how we would continue to have a laser-like focus on learning when students returned after Spring Break. The students did not return after Spring Break. In fact, it was September before they sat in our classrooms again. All of us, staff and students, have worked hard all year to make up for the lost instructional time. As always, we are dedicated to providing our students with the education they deserve, even in the middle of a pandemic.

The winter storm was unlike anything we have seen in Texas. It was the first time in history that the entire state was under a winter storm warning. While the weather required us to close our doors that week, we were one of the only schools in the area that were ready for students on Monday. Our amazing Maintenance team was working in the snow to fix pipes and our Food Service Director was assessing food loss and getting orders in with vendors to make it possible to reopen.

This last year has proven, once again, how strong, persistent, and tenacious our community can be. Despite considerable obstacles, we stay focused and continue to move forward with a steadfast determination. Have a restful and safe Spring Break and we will see everyone back on March 22nd.

-Mrs. Warren,



Luling ISD staff felt honored to help the city pass out much needed water on February 22nd. We are community strong!

Thank you Perla Castro, Plutarco Castro, Stacey Martin, Tony Flores, Thomas Heller, and Jeremy Gibson for representing the district.



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The Spotlight Staff Member of the Month is Elizabeth Franklin!

Ms. Franklin is always positive and has a smile for both students and adults on our campus. She is consistently encouraging and motivates students to do their best. She works with them to build a growth mindset which in turn builds their confidence as mathematicians. She develops her own instructional strategies so that students are able to build a conceptual understanding of math concepts so they understand why processes for solving math problems work. Students also consistently collaborate with one another in her classroom. In the time of COVID, she has intentionally worked to set up structures for face-to-face learners and remote learners to work together. In addition to supporting students, she also supports adults on our campus. She collaborates with her grade level team, where she serves as team lead, and works with other math teachers on campus to discuss instructional strategies. Our students AND staff are better because of Ms. Franklin.


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The Secondary Spotlight Student of the Month is Brianna Reigel!

Brianna is always working to improve herself. She is inquisitive and asks questions to develop her understanding. She is an avid reader and easily works with other students. She holds herself and others around her to high academic standards. Not only is Brianna academically focused she is friendly and always has a smile on her face.


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The Primary/Elementary Spotlight Student of the Month is Johnette (Joy) James!

Joy is a student who is kind to everyone and spreads kindness and joy, just as her name says! She volunteers to help students who are struggling in class whenever she can. She asks to be partnered up with students she feels she can help. She cares about her grades and assignments and wants to grow and get better at whatever she does. She is a hard worker and a wonderful example to her classmates.


Throughout the month of February in recognition of Black History Month, Luling Primary School incorporated the accomplishments of notable African Americans into student learning tasks. Each morning during announcements, the accomplishments of notable African Americans were shared with students with encouragement for students to emulate the traits leading to success of the individual. During English language arts and social studies, students read about, discussed, and wrote about the historic significance and the accomplishments of famous African Americans. During art and music classes, students learned about the significance and influence of notable African Americans in art and music. Students emulated the work of these artists. These activities provided students with an appreciation and deeper understanding of the influence of these great Americans.

February was Dental Hygiene Month and first grade students were taught about the importance of dental hygiene. The Hardeman Masonic Lodge generously donated dental hygiene kits for our first graders that contained toothbrushes, toothpaste, dental floss, and a timer. Students received additional instruction from their teachers during science class to ensure their understanding of proper dental care. Students were given a thirty-day challenge to brush their teeth every day using the provided kit and record is on the thirty day challenge card. We thank the Hardeman Masonic Lodge for partnering with Luling Primary to support our students.

-Mr. Weikert, Principal


In February our Student Council collected soup for the local food bank and we ended up donating 578 pounds of soups/food! We are so grateful for our giving families/students and to be able to do these types of projects. Thank you so much to all who donated!

We have been celebrating Black History for the month of February. Every day on announcements, our students hear about a different famous African American and their poster along with their story is hung in our main hallway so our students can read about them. We have discussed being kind, and treating all people equally on a regular basis, but have been even more focused on these things this month.

We have kicked off our Texas Reads One book called “Save Me a Seat”, and our students love it! We have trivia questions every day and students have a calendar of a reading schedule that should have arrived home with them on Monday. Please ask your child about the book and engage with them in reading some of it whenever possible.

Coming up March 1-5, we will have our Read Across America Week, which is also Dr. Suess Week here at Shanklin! We will have some fun activities for our students to participate in so stay tuned!

-Ms. Schwarzlose, Principal

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Academic UIL Recognitions

Our junior high school students have the opportunity to participate in UIL Academic events just as they do for band and athletics. We had students participate in the following UIL Academic events over the last two months: Art Smart, Dictionary Skills, Calculator Applications, Chess, Music Memory, Number Sense, LIstening Skills, Spelling, Science, Impromptu Speaking, Maps, Charts, and Graphs, Modern Oratory, and Oral Reading. We competed against other schools in our region and 9 of our 6th grade students were winners, 4 of our 7th graders were winners, and 6 of our 8th grade students were winners. Congratulations to the following students: Evyn Bryant, Peyton Taylor, Hazel Bohac, Gavin Grantham, Gio Arrendondo, Oscar Ramirez, Emma Campos, Jose Almanza, Malik LaBlanc, Cecilio Lara, Johanna Martinez, Will Bryant, Braydon Hatfield, Ariana Campos, Aidan Gonzales, Jadelynn Lloyd, Dylan Due, Zoe Choate, and Abigail Cockrell.

JH Students make Region Band

In January multiple Junior High Students took the opportunity to audition for the Association of Texas Small School Bands (ATSSB) Region Band, which is a band composed of the top band students in our Region. To audition for these performing bands our students were required to submit recordings of them playing two different pieces of music and the scales for their instrument. These recordings were then judged against other students within our region to determine who made the bands. There were more than 30 clarinet students from across the region that entered and TWO of our Gerdes Junior High students were selected to be in the first band. Congratulations to 8th grader Dante Flores, who made 4th chair and 8th grader Juan Amaro who made 8th Chair.

-Mrs. Meshell, Principal


During the month of February, Luling High School joined the nation in recognizing, remembering, and celebrating the contributions of African Americans in U.S. history.

Classes across the campus incorporated Black History Month lessons in it’s curriculum throughout the month. This included learning about famous authors, cultural, and societal accomplishments and contributions of African Americans. Students in art created and completed Calligrams, pieces of text in which the design and layout of the letters creates a visual image related to the words themselves.

As part of the ‘Digital Communications’ program of study at Luling High School, students are enrolled in Audio/Video Production courses.

As part of the course, students develop advanced knowledge and skills related to audio and video production. Students will work on several audio and/or video productions that are utilized in television, entertainment, business, and/or industry. In addition, students may concentrate on specific areas of interests such as videography, video editing, film editing, audio mixing, directing, lighting, and camera operation.

Currently, students are working on a creative project, making a film inspired by a game called, “Five Nights at Freedy’s.” Students are practicing principles of lighting and capturing high quality audio.

-Mr. Alvarez, Principal


Destination…Life Regional Transition Fair and Conference

Special Education teachers from throughout Central Texas will combine forces to host a conference for families with students who have disabilities. “Destination…Life” Regional Transition Fair and Conference is a virtual event set for Saturday, March 6, from 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

The purpose of the conference is to provide information to families and gain access to experts on how to help their children with disabilities transition from high school to adulthood. Families can listen online to the conference in English and Spanish. For those who need instruction how to use the Zoom platform, a 9 a.m. session will teach participants how it all works.

Families will learn about myriad of topics including:

  • Community resources to support the transition from high school

  • Colleges and Training Programs

  • Employment Services

  • Independent Living Options

  • Guardianship and Alternatives

  • How To Apply for Certain Benefits at Age 18

State, local and county agencies and service providers will be on-hand to discuss their programs and services in a range of areas from disability-related nonprofit and for-profit companies to colleges and job training programs and more.

Dyslexia Information – March

Parent Resource:

This informative article provides parents with ways to assist and encourage their dyslexic learner at home. Please click on the link to read more.

Another Great Resource:

GraphoGame is a researcher-developed, computer-adaptive, digital reading game. Haskins Global Literacy provides free access. It’s available on Google Play, the App Store, and Microsoft. Visit the link for more information.

Dyslexia Quote of the Month:

“I failed in some subjects in exam, but my friend passed in all. Now he is an engineer for Microsoft and I am the owner of Microsoft.” Bill Gates

-Mrs. Ewald, Director

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Guided Reading

Have you ever dreamed of climbing Mt. Everest in the Himalayas? I have. I imagine finally approaching the summit from southeast Nepal, having trekked through the thickest snow, crossed the most precipitous crevasses, and conquered the deadly Khumbu Icefall. In my mind, I have overcome the many barriers -- wind, weather, altitude sickness, frostbite, and more. I can feel my frigid fingers grasping at the flagpole that we drive into the ground to mark our victory. Yet I know that none of this would be possible, not even in my dreams, without the skilled guidance and direction of my Sherpa.

Sherpas lead the way as expert mountaineers. They assist climbers up the treacherous mountain terrain. They quite literally run ahead of climbers to set up the ropes and ladders that secure the climbers’ ascent, preparing the way with these tools and strategies to support their climbers’ success in achieving their ultimate goal -- the summit.

Just as in my dreams I rely heavily on the expertise of my Sherpa to tackle Mt. Everest, in reality, students rely on their teachers to guide them past the obstacles that may hinder learning to read. Their tool is a highly effective instructional strategy called guided reading. In guided reading, the teacher places students in small groups based on similar reading levels determined through diagnostic assessments. The teacher then selects an engaging text for the group that is slightly more challenging than what the students can read independently. The teacher works with each group of students on specific skills to advance their reading abilities and grow their understanding. Students’ dreams of becoming strong readers become reality when teachers sherpa students through the guided reading process.

Like the Sherpa who uses expert strategies to support ambitious climbers, the teacher uses guided reading strategies to support young readers. Guided reading is critical to reading instruction. As teachers guide, students apply their knowledge and skills to new texts, climbing to higher and higher reading levels until they reach their summit as proficient readers. And along the way, perhaps they’ll find a story that captures their imagination and takes them to heights as high as my dreams of Everest.

-Mrs. Jennings, Director


It’s that time of year again and our Eagles and Lady Eagles are busy in action.

Our spring season is in full swing and we would love for everyone to come out and support our athletes as they compete in a variety of sports this spring. Last year, we saw the spring seasons cut short. This year our athletes are ready more than ever to get the season started. We have athletes competing in track, softball, baseball, tennis, golf, and powerlifting. If you have a chance, please come out and show that Eagle Pride.

Remember that our Covid-19 Procedures are still in place. We have limited seating at home events, so purchase your tickets online early. Also, each school we play at will have different Covid-19 policies, we will try and get that information out as soon as it is made available to us. Let’s make sure that we all stay safe and can continue to move in a positive direction.

Attention Junior and Seniors- If you haven’t registered for the ACT/Sat Exam, please see the link below. The sooner you take one of these tests, the smoother the admission process to college will be.

ACT/SAT Dates:


Home Game guidelines:

Coach Martin

Go Eagles and #TalonsUp !!!

Luling ISD Athletic Core Values



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Luling ISD has added a COVID Dashboard to the district website. We understand the need for full transparency during this time and know that by publishing our current COVID numbers, our community will have up-to-date information. The COVID Dashboard can be found here: