Great Barrier Reef

By: Christopher White

The Best Vacation On The Planet

The Great Barrier Reef is a system of over 3000 reefs and almost 900 islands that act as a barrier around the Australian coast line. You can also find a collection of hundreds of thousands of plants, fish, and birds not found anywhere else on the planet. This is the perfect adventure into an uknown world full of creatures you can't even dream of.

Travel Planning


Round trip flight from DFW to Cairns, Australia- $1400

Round trip from Los Angeles to Cairns, Australia- $1200

Round trip from JFK to Cairns, Australia- $1700


Double Tree by Hilton- $130 /night

Lizard Island Resort- $1300 /night

Thala Beach Nature Reserve- $253 /night

Day Dream Island Resort and Spa- $160 /night




Day Trips


Catamaran Rides

This trip to the Great Barrier Reef includes a variety of options for meals as well as options for things to do at night around town.

Swimming in the Great Barrier Reef can lead to injury from jellyfish attacks, shark attacks, or gear malfunction; we are not liable for any injuries sustained on your trip.

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