My True Colors

Bobby Vance 3rd


  • I followed rules in school because if i didn't id get it trouble a lot and get grounded
  • I understood the instructions and respected the teacher(s) enforcing
  • I had trouble every ounce in a while adapting to the education system


  • I enjoy others who can work along with me because i think of it as a bonding moment or whatever
  • I am serious and tend to have traditional,conservative views of love

At work

  • I can maintain organization and i wont stop til the jobs done
  • My ability to work hard makes me the backbone of many organizations
  • I think that work comes before play, even if I must work overtime to complete the job

Leadership Style

  • I do things the "right" way
  • I expect people to "play" there roles
  • Expects order, and loyalty

Symptoms of a bad day

  • I get Anxiety and worry
  • Cant think straight
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4 questions

  1. What three characteristics about your color fit you best?
  2. What three characteristics were not like you?
  3. What type of job do you believe fits your personality type? Hard, greasy work such as Diesel mechanic, welder, military mechanic, definitely one of those three.
  4. How might your color affect you at work? (Positive): It would make me be a good worker because i will do it the right way every time, Id make sure the other workers are doing it right. (Negatives): Would get stressed out easy if the parts or pieces don't go right together, Id get mad easy at the other people that don't do there job right.