How the Chinese Helped Canada!

By: Kadiya

Canada is a very multi culture country, this is why we celebrate Asian Heritage month. We also celebrate Asian Heritage Month because they Asians are very important to Canadians. The Chinese first immigrated to British Columbia in 1858 which later became Canada. They helped change Canada into a better country.


Chinese helped Canada by doing mining when they were going through the Gold Rush. They found several dollars worth a lot of gold each day. The gold was mostly found in the Cariboo region which was a couple kilometers away from the future city Vancouver. The Chinese also helped by helping to build the Cariboo Wagon Road. The Cariboo Wagon Road is a railroad that took supplies that were very useful into the gold territory. They helped by cutting firewood, dig ditches, build wooden channels for water, and pull gravel.

Canadian Pacific Railway!

The Canadian Pacific Railway is a railway used to unite Canada and Canadians from coast to coast. Some of the Chinese were assinged the most dangerous work which killed some of them. If it wasn't for the Chinese and some Canadians we wouldn't have had this Railway which has helped our country with trading. The CPA is down below.
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The hate against Chinese!

Chinese were getting hurt and killed by the white people. There was a lot of racism going back when the Chinese first came. It was so bad that the Chinese were willing to take lower paid jobs just to get away from the White. After all this racism Canada turned into a better country and now today it is one of the most multi cultured countries in the world. After building the CPA Chinese were out of work and moved to Victoria where there was a Chinese community. Some worked as cooks, servants, laundry workers, ect.
After all the hate and hard work the Chinese had to go through we need to thank and respect them for helping to form our Canada into a better country. They built important things in Canada, and they helped the people of Canada survive back in the day.