Staff Update

16 February 2014


To Lizzie and Marshall on the birth on Friday of their daughter, Beth Ellen Hudson (3.7kg), a little sister for Reece.


Some thank yous for a very full-on first week back from Chinese New Year, in particular:
  • The music staff for the wonderful Young Performers Evening on Thursday (don't forget we have our Annual Concert coming up on Thursday 27 February.
  • Our colleagues who put on the amazing February birthday morning tea on Friday

Staff Update

I announced at Friday briefing that Rob and Maria Chaytor will be leaving us at the end of this academic year to move to new opportunities in Korea.

Both the Music and Spanish positions are now advertised on the DC, ESF, IB and CIS web sites, along with the remaining English and Science/Physics positions.

Change to Staff Meeting date

Please note that the date for the next whole college staff meeting has been changed from Monday 17 March to Monday 24 March (3.30-4.30pm).

Support Staff for 2014-15

I would like to invite proposals from teaching and support staff managers for new support staff positions for 2014-15. We expect that we will have 2 new support staff positions funded for next year. While we would always like to have extra staffing, we are reliant on a staffing formula under which we must work.

Please email any proposals to me by Friday 14 March, outlining:
  • The current situation; and
  • What roles/duties you see the new position catering for and how this would differ from normal work expectations of existing staff.

Curriculum budgets

All 2013-14 curriculum budgets will be closed as of 30 April. A set fund will be established to cover any essentials required between then and the end of the school year, predominantly for consumables e.g. science, art, design, etc. I am going to be really strict about left over budgets this year so please check to see what remaining items you need to purchase for this academic year (i.e. don't spend just for the sake of spending) and get the orders done prior to the end of April.

The budget process for 2014-15 will start immediately after the Easter holidays, with budget holders required to submit budget bids by early May.

This Week

Monday-Friday: Class Photos continue. Please read the schedule carefully.
Tuesday: PTA meeting at 7pm
Wednesday: House Trivia competitions (primary and secondary lunchtimes)
Thursday: Y13 3-Way Conferences; School Council meeting at 7pm
Friday-Monday: 24 Hour Theatre