Mrs. Dearmon's Rockin' Fourth Grade

May 4th - May 7th

Weekly Updates

  • I will be sending home a list of SOLs and the dates for testing attached to the graded papers on Thursday.
  • This Thursday we will be having an SOL pep rally at 2:00. Should be lots of surprises!!
  • This Friday is our math day with the Va. Sports Hall of Fame. The students will be participating in events pertaining to math in the gym from 11 - 12. Then we will be eating lunch in the room or outside depending on the weather at 12:20.
  • Thank you for all our chaperones for the trip to Pamplin Park!! They were such a great help and the students had a great time. I am working on putting together a slide show of pictures that were taken.

What is Going in Curriculum?

Math (My math class only)

  • Monday we will be learning all about elapsed time by using the T-Chart method.
  • Tuesday we will be practice elapsed time by interpreting word problems.
  • Wednesday is our assessment on elapsed time.
  • Thursday we will begin our review for the SOL's by having rotations. The students will begin in their math classes to check HW and will then rotate to another fourth grade classroom for a lesson for that day. This will give all the students a chance to "switch" classes and get to know the other fourth grade teachers.
  • Friday we will be rotating again to review.
  • Each day the homework will be to review concepts.


  • This week we will doing some review reading passages to prepare for the reading SOL test which will be the following week.
  • Reading HW will continue.
  • We will also be reading some books about animal adaptations.


  • We will continue with our poetry writing next week due to reviewing for the Reading SOL.

Word Study/Grammar

  • Daily Language week 14
  • Word Study this week.
  • Word Study test on Friday.

Virginia Studies

  • No Virginia Studies this week.


  • Monday we begin our animal unit. The start is with both structural and behavioral adaptations.
  • There will be a quiz on Thursday on these types of adaptations.
  • Friday we will begin the food chain and the three types of eaters.