Hernandez and Zepahua News Update

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The Dust bowl is a very big problem for the farmers because America's worst drought has been since 1956 it has hit farm states hard and sparked memories of epic dry spell that helped produce the dust bowl. It cause droughts and the loss of soil and crops the Dust bowl dries the soil out. . Farmers want to get prepared for the next Dust bowl. One of the very bad things are that people that live around those places lose parts of there home and Farmers loose there crops and soil.


There are not many solutions to the Dust bowl but one of the solutions for the dust bowl is that's for useful blowing away the weeds and other things that bother the plants and it helps by blowing the seeds to the crops so they can be planted in the ground so they can grow into fruits and vegetables. And it also helps farmers by plowing the dirt in the ground and another solution is that the dust bowl blows away some of the small creatures that want to eat the farmers crops. That's why there's some solutions for the dust bowl.

Abigail Hernandez and Jonathan Zepahua

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