BackPack Buddies

September 2015

The Story

A.B. Combs loves our community partnership with Inter-Faith Food Shuttle! We officially have the "backpack buddies" program help families in our school receive food for the weekend. This program is truly amazing- please take a minute to learn more about BackPack Buddies here The BackPack Buddies Program serves children who are food insecure, meaning they do not have "access at all times to enough food for an active, healthy life." (Anderson, 1990). BackPack Buddies targets kids who access free & reduced-price lunches at school. Children are identified as "in need" by school counselors and site coordinators.

When students have access to better nutrition, they are able to focus better at school, have less behavioral issues, and have a better chance at improving their academic performance. The cost of food from the Inter-Faith Food Shuttle is $350 for each child for the year. Your donation of any amount is greatly appreciated and will have a real impact on our community right here at A.B. Combs.

With Combs’ help we were able to give 16 Combs children a backpack of food each week last year! We have a couple Combs families that could benefit from this program this school year & we want to help. So we have two options at Combs...

Option #1---FOOD
Option #1 would be to give food that is listed below. We have started our own little mini-backpack buddies program at Combs. We will have a cabinet of canned food that can help children and families in emergency food crisis. Last year with your help, we were able to fill 7 backpacks each week for the entire school year from our own pantry!

We need:

canned vegetables
canned fruit
canned meats or meat stews
packaged noodles
100% juice boxes
boxes shelf stable milk (always need!)
healthy snacks
breakfast items

Option #2---MONEY
Option #2 would be to give money directly to Inter-Faith Food Shuttle to help sponsor families. You can sponsor a child for an entire year, a semester, or month. It cost only $350 to support a student for every meal during the weekend for the entire school year! For about $1 a day, a child can have access to nutritious food every weekend for an entire year.
1 Year..........$350
1 Semester....$175
1 Month..........$39
Go to
This money will be going directly to sponsor students at A.B. Combs! (Type: AB Combs Elementary into the section that reads: Name of Honoree)

Thank you from the bottom of our heart! It's really difficult to hear about a student who is upset about not having enough food at home...I can't even imagine how scary that must feel. We just want to help anyway that we can and know that you will too!

IFFS: 25 Years of Innovation to End Hunger

Katie Trueman & Jennifer Connors, school counselors