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June 4, 2021

Dates to Remember

Tues, 6/15/21 - DARE Graduation Ceremony, Virtual (link will be shared with families)

Thurs, 6/10/21 - 1st Grade to SEE Science Center

Fri, 6/11/21 - 2nd Grade to Squam Lake Science Center

Fri, 6/11/21 - Grad "Dance" @ CCS

Tues, 6/15/21 - 4th Grade to Squam Lake Science Center

Tues, 6/15, 6th & 7th Grade DARE Graduation Ceremony

Thur, 6/17/21 - Last Day of School for Students, dismissal begins at 12:35pm

Thur, 6/17/21 - 8th Grade Graduation @ CCS

Fri, 6/18/21 - Last Day for Staff, full day

2021-2022 CCS School Calendar

Principal's Message

We hope everyone has had a wonderful couple of weeks here at CCS! Our students have been engaging in hands-on work, field trips, and our 8th graders even participated in a traveling Nature on Wheels program in place of their typical trip to environmental camp. Though much of this year has been hectic, it is nice as we begin to find normalcy and familiarity amongst the chaos.

As a reminder to parents, please check your emails from the CCS technology department. We will need a devices and chargers sent back into school. As devices come in, the technology department will be sending home notices for repairs and replacement parts. We thank you for your cooperation with this process.

The PTO invites you to stop by Aroma Joe's in Epsom on June 8th! A portion of sales will go to the CCS PTO. Grab your favorite beverage or snack while you're out that day, and support our PTO.

As we wrap up the year, we thank our families, staff, and community members for their continued support throughout this school year.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Ms. Jessica Snider


CCS Health Office Update, 6/4/21


The Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine is now approved and recommended for use among adolescents 12-15 years old in the State of New Hampshire.

Please review the document below for COVID-19 Vaccine Frequently Asked Questions For Parents and Guardians.


Julie Strazzeri, RN

School Nurse

Chichester Central School

CCS 3rd Graders and their Annual Dictionary Gift from the Chichester Grange

How many of you have a dictionary around your house with the sticker “ A gift for you from the Chichester Granage”? For more than 10 years the Chichester Grange has been donating dictionaries to all 3rd grade students at CCS. The project began after a conversation between a Chichester grange member and a former resident of Chichester (who was visiting from South Carolina) about a national project involving giving dictionnaires to 3rd grade students.

The purchase of dictionaries has been able to happen because of financial donations from the community and/or membership dues. If you would like to learn more about the Dictionary project visit www.dictionary

What is the Grange?

The Grange was formed in 1867, right after the Civil War, as a Fraternal Organization for farmers and their wives. The idea was to give farmers social importance in the community and to give them a reason to meet together, share their ideas and machinery, and learn about new farming practices. From the very beginning women were an important part of the organization, and women could vote at Grange meetings long before they could vote in government elections. A person can join the Grange at age 14 and remain a member for as long as they pay their dues each year.

When farming was no longer a way of life for most Americans, the Grange shifted its focus to improving the quality of life in local communities. State Universities, local libraries, the NH State Police, and rural free delivery of mail are some of many projects started by Grangers. You no longer have to be a farmer to belong to the Grange, but agriculture is still important to the Grange organization on the local, state, and national level.

Chichester Grange began in 1888 and still meets upstairs in the Grange Hall that its members built in the early 1900’s and turned over to the Town of Chichester in 1980 to use as a Town Hall. The membership is small because there is so much else to do these days, but we are still active with projects and donations that benefit Chichester and the towns around us.

Books and education are very important to Grangers, and that is why we are sorry not to be able to present these dictionaries in person. Third Grade is the year when boys and girls stop “learning to read” and start “reading to learn.” We hope all of you will use these dictionaries to learn new words and their meanings as well as to check the spelling of the words you already know. Because we cannot be there to call your attention to all the other information contained in this particular dictionary, we have included a “Scavenger Hunt” to help you find it for yourselves.

Your dictionary belongs to you personally and not to the school. Put your name in it right away so you won’t lose it. If you treat it kindly, it will help you learn until you graduate from high school.

Hannah West and Carolee Davison, Chichester Grange #132

PTO Fundraiser at Aroma Joe's, 6/8/21

DARE Graduation

DARE Graduation!

DARE Graduation will be held on Tuesday, June 15th at 8:30am. We are excited to recognize both the 7th grade and 6th grade students for completing the DARE program. Students in the 7th grade missed their graduation last year due to the pandemic.

Family and friends will be able to watch the graduation virtually. A link will be shared prior to June 15th.

Please note that this is a live stream event. Student names will be read as they receive their certificates. If you have any concerns related to your student’s name being shared on live stream please contact Christina Carrier,

We would like to thank Office Webber, Pembroke Academy Resource Officer, for working with us last year, and this year to bring the DARE program to our students.

CCS Cafeteria News!

Be sure to check out our breakfast and lunch menus attached below. Our food service kitchen is serving up some yummy offerings! As a reminder, breakfast and lunches are free for all students until the end of June. Your child can sign up for lunch each day with their teacher. Please contact Ravonne Eccleston, our Food Service Director, with any questions that you may have.

603-798-5651, extension 50

Lunch Menu

Free and Reduced Lunch Application

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Chichester Central School 21-22 Registration

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The mission of Chichester Central School is to educate our students to become independent thinkers, problem-solvers and self-directed learners. We are committed to fostering the social, emotional, developmental, intellectual, and physical needs of every child. We strive to work with the broader community to ensure that students develop lifelong skills enabling them to be contributing and productive members of society.