The Statement

Assessment is not about you as the teacher!

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I Agree

I totally agree with the statement about assessments. This statement validates my thinking. In my experience as a preschool teacher, some agencies have assessed children for school ratings. In addition, companies whom we have purchased curriculum from, ask the school to assess the children to see how well children are doing with their curriculum.

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In the classroom, teachers compete with one another concerning who is teaching the curriculum the best and how many of their children are reading, writing, know colors etc... I understand that children may be the same age but it does not mean they are all at the same level of development. Assessments aid in giving the teacher an ideal of how to best meet the educational goal for the children.

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Assessment Practices

I would definitely use the questions stated in the book concerning defending assessments. I believe that teachers should really understand why children are being assessed. Teachers should have assessment tools that are clear and have knowledge of how the tool works. The assessment tools must be valuable for the student and teachers should be encouraged and feel comfortable asking for help. If teaching staff were giving these questions at the beginning of the school year, I think it may give insight on what their role is as an educator and initiate more teacher involvement with the children.

Have I Failed?

As far as myself failing or partnering with students during assessments, I may be in the middle. I don’t believe I have failed because I involved the children by engaging in the activity, asking questions and getting feedback from the children. However, I was not doing it for the purpose of partnering. Well in a way, maybe I have failed. I can certainly say, I now have a better understanding of assessments and this is why I would use the questions.

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