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As you may well know, the Fall Retreat at the Kriya Yoga Institute finished up Sept 23, 2012. Many Kriyavans came to participate in the program and, as usual, offered their generous selfless service contributing in many ways. One of the most intensive sevas is cooking for the numerous devotees who participate in these programs yearly. We are always amazed by how delicious and love infused our meals are at the ashram and how the manifestation of these meals for so many, are cooked by so few. If you are not aware, the mothers that traditionally prepare our satvic meals, go steadfastly through the programs on two to three hours of sleep, for days and sometimes weeks on end, in order to feed us so well. Their love and devotion is a supreme gift and example to us all.

We are now being called upon to help one of these mothers out in particular. Anjana ma has been feeding our happy bellies through the grace of Gurudev and Guruji for many years now. In addition, her family has been devotedly involved in the numerous activities that have made Kriya Yoga so successful here and abroad. This past program, due to a manufacturing defect in one of the newly donated, large, kitchen pots, Anjana suffered severe burns to 23% of her body. She was rushed to one of the best burn units in the country -- which by the grace of God and Masters, is nearby the ashram. She has been undergoing treatment, including skin graft surgeries and has been cared for by our monastics, her family that flew in long distance to help her, and her medical team.

As we all know, medical costs are phenomenal and her insurance will not be able to cover all of the costs she is incurring. We are writing to you all with the hopes that we can come together as a large and loving Kriya family and help our beloved Anjana ma out. She has so selflessly, compassionately and generously sacrificed on many, many of our behalves so that we could have a wonderful experience at the ashram. This is our precious opportunity to give back to a true mother.

You can donate by mail:

Make check payable to Kriya Yoga. Note on the check: Anjana Hospital Fund

Mail check to Mother Center at:

P.O. Box 924615

Homestead, FL 33092-4615

You can donate online:

  1. Go to
  2. Under United States for donation category select “Other Charitable projects”
  3. Once on the paypal donate page under optional instructions- type Anjana Hospital Fund

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Below is a photo of Anjana with Baba. Anjana is wearing the blue sari

Contact information:

The Austin Kriya Yoga Center has offered to help drive this campaign. Their contact information is below. Follow @anjanafund on twitter for updates on this fund raiser.